$300 billion worth of trade will begin

$300 billion worth of trade will begin

28 July 2018 0 By admin

Ministry of Commerce, Turkey has rolled up its sleeves for the 100-day calendar in order to increase its share of global trade. Minister Ruhsar Pekcan sees new markets for 300 billion dollar export target.

After President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also instructed the Ministry of Commerce, Turkey’s share of global prosperity and to get more wealth, he embarked on the 100-day agenda for ensuring uninterrupted commercial environment. In this context, the strategy of facilitating the trade will be a quick dream. Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan, 2023’da $ 300 billion export target for the export of the lease, the new markets will go out for the palace. The following topics were highlighted at the Ministry’s agenda:

 TRADING ACTIVITIES: Applications for the facilitation of trade and the establishment of a trust environment will continue. The branding and institutionalization capacity in trade services will be improved.

CONSUMER PROTECTION: A more effective protection area will be provided to consumers. The capacity of branding and institutionalization will be developed to open up businesses especially to developing country markets.

 SINGLE POINT IN LABORATORIES: All laboratory operations at the customs controls will be consolidated in one spot. Bilateral multilateral relations will be increased. New customs gates will be opened for trade development with neighbors.

STRATEGIC SECRETION PRIORITY: By creating a new vision with a competitive perspective, it will be concentrated in the strategic sectors to take place in the upper echelons of global value chains.

INVESTING EXPORTER NUMBER: The share of high-tech products will be increased to 15 percent. 71 thousand 265, the number of exporters will be over 120 thousand.

EXIMBANK’s loan volume will be raised to 2 times and raised by 80 billion dollars. Additional financing will be provided for exporters. The total insurance and credit volume provided by Eximbank will be increased and $ 30 exports per $ 100 will be financed.

The RETAIL Information System (PERBIS) will be effectively implemented. The financial markets with agricultural markets will be integrated with the product specialization stock market.

TURKEY number of trading centers discovered on 40. Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement will be signed with 11 countries whose legal infrastructure has been completed.

EXPORTERS Exports support offices will be set up in order to make exporters especially young entrepreneurs and to bring out new exporters. Turkish gourmet centers to be established in metropolitan cities abroad will be supported.

Will take the necessary precautions regarding the protection of the LOCAL INDUSTRY and will implement the trade policy defense tools. It will be ensured that the products subject to foreign trade are safe, in compliance with the legislation and standards. For this purpose, studies will be carried out on the prevention of technical barriers in trade, which will be inspected in imports and exports. Market surveillance and inspection of consumer products under the Ministry’s responsibility.