A remarkable dialogue between Erdogan and Putin

A remarkable dialogue between Erdogan and Putin

26 July 2018 0 By admin

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. US President Donald Trump talks after their statements against Turkey’s Erdogan to Putin, “between us all kinds of really envy someone solidarity” drew attention to lyrics. Putin said, “Our relations will always improve.” The restaurant and meat conversation between Erdoğan and Putin cautioned.
According to Kivanc El’in of Milliyet, President Erdoğan met with Russian President Putin. The interviews of the two leaders, who met for the second time this year, exceeded 1 hour.


“President, my friends are very pleased to see you at the BRICS Summit. I congratulate you on your victory in the election of the President. Our bilateral relations are constantly evolving. It is an obvious truth, “Putin said.” Our relations with each other are developing and improving as to how to overcome various crises. Of course we are developing in the field of economy. The economy is already our priority in our ever-increasing interests. Last year, our trade volume increased by 40.5 percent, exceeding 22 billion dollars. All of our big projects are carried out in a planned way, “he said. Putin said, “I am very pleased to see you and I am very pleased to have exchanged views on our collaborations.”


Erdogan addressed Putin as “my dear friend” and said, “I would like to express our satisfaction with coming together. As we said in our telephone conversations, I had come together at the BRICS Summit and told them that we had issues to discuss bilaterally. Turkey-Russia political, military, economic, cultural and all areas of commercial real rise has caught a serious condition at the moment. I have a $ 100 billion target between us. I believe that we will catch this goal in this way. There is also a belief in this issue, “he said.


Noting that tourism is a quite beautiful development of Erdogan said, “I think this year I will be visiting Turkey as a tourist spot really 6 million. All the solidarity between us and all of them is really envying anyone, “he concluded. Erdogan thanked Putin for saying “Spasiva” in Russian. Putin’s smile also cautioned when he was using the phrase “making it jealous.”


Putin said to Erdogan after the announcement, “Would you invite me to the restaurant?” Erdogan also responded, “Yes, I did”. Putin said to him, “But we agreed on the subject. We will take our meat products to the country, then I can say that there will be Russian meat products at that restaurant “. Erdogan also said, “I am gladly waiting for you first. We’d better get this done later. Let’s not delay too much, “he said. Putin also thanked Erdogan.