After Brunson’s rest, the US is freaking out! Another move

After Brunson’s rest, the US is freaking out! Another move

27 July 2018 0 By admin

F-35 deliveries to block the bill envisaging Turkey has passed the House of Representatives. If the bill approved by the Senate and the President of the United States sold F-35 can be prevented Turkey.

In the United States, a $ 716 billion defense budget, ending in a joint session of the Congress, was also adopted by the House of Representatives. Turkey F-35 that restricts the sale and transfer of the budget, adopted by a vote of 359 against 54.

The new law also gives US President Donald Trump the authority to sanction the countries that buy weapons from Russia and buy military equipment from the United States.

The budget is expected to arrive at the Senate’s agenda by the end of next week. If he passes the Senate, he will go before US President Donald Trump for approval. Trump will go into effect if the law is approved.

If the subject of budget implementation, reports that Turkey will be removed completely removed from the evaluation of the F-35, F-35 program until the completion of the transfer to Turkey to be stopped.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the Americans on trial detention in Turkey, citing a bill restricting the prepared and get loans from international institutions in Turkey also accepted.