Cold shower to Revolutionary Guards!

Cold shower to Revolutionary Guards!

31 July 2018 4 By admin

Iranian Parliament Vice-President Ali Mutahhari said ballistic missile experiments conducted by the Revolutionary Guards Army have hampered the implementation of the nuclear deal.

Mutahhari made a statement to journalists in the parliament, arguing that the current economic situation in the country is the opposition to the nuclear deal.

Mutahhari said, “If everyone tried to implement the nuclear deal today, European and American companies would invest in Iran, and Trump would not be able to withdraw so easily without agreement.”

Indicating that a part of the state did not want to implement the nuclear deal, Mutahhari stated that these people reached their targets by withdrawing from the agreement.

According to Iranian Students News Agency ISNA, Mutahhari pointed out the situation in the country’s economy, “Those who are obstructing the implementation of the nuclear agreement by launching missiles are responsible for the present situation.” she said.

Mutahhari added that the government also had a share in the bad trend in the economy.

The ballistic missile experiments developed by the Revolutionary Guards Army after the signing of a nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5 1 in what is referred to as the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan (COEP) in 2015 have been the subject of debate. While the United States and Britain claim Iran’s missile tests are unconstitutional, the Teheran administration has argued that the ballistic missile program is not contrary to the KOEP.

A section in Iran that is described as “over-conservative” has been against the nuclear deal since its inception. The former ministers, politicians, and academics, who are known to be close to the former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, are the leading members of the sector known as “concerned” in the public opinion, suggesting that the government has made too much concessions to the West with the agreement.