Despicable moves from Sisi! They will be executed

Despicable moves from Sisi! They will be executed

28 July 2018 0 By admin

In Egypt, Muhammad al-Biltaci, the father of Martyr Esma, has also sentenced him to death for about 75 people.

In Egypt, the court alleged that the death penalty was imposed for 75 percent, including Muhammad El Biltani, a member of the Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ihvan).

According to information received from judicial sources, the Cairo Water Court ruled today that the documents have been forwarded to the country by deciding on the release of Rabia Square today regarding the execution of 44 of the prisoners. 36 of the prisoners.

Among the defendants were Muhammad El Biltacı, the father of Esma, who was shot and killed in Rabia Square, Ismail El Aryan, the political wing of the Freedom of Freedom and Justice Party, and Saffet Hicazi, former President of Enver Sadat Tarik. Zumur and the famous Salafi invitation Vecdi Güneym, who is accused of being assassinated and is in long-term jail.

The defendants were convicted by the court on 14 August 2013, when Rabia Square was evacuated by security forces “on the grounds of being killed, intentionally killed and resisting the security forces”.

In the case of 739 suspected defendants, the decision on all defendants was announced on 8 September 2018.

It is stated that the appeal road is open. According to Egyptian laws, a court decision can be appealed within 60 days. If the objection is accepted, the case file is appealed.

According to Egyptian legislation, death sentences are sent to the mufti of the country before they are tied up. After consulting the consultation opinion of the müftünen, the court makes its final decision. Even if the mufti decides the court decision, the sentence can be executed.

What happened?

Following the removal of the first President, Mohammad Mursi, who was elected democratically in Egypt, on July 3, 2013, actions took place in Rabia Square and continued until 14 August 2013.

Security forces intervened early on the morning of August 14th, according to official figures, 8 police policemen lost 632 lives.

Fugitive 739, convicted Muhammad Bedii, and Muhammad Mursi’s attorney, chairman of the board of directors Usame Mursi, was sentenced to 439 detainees.

Asim Abdulmecid, one of the leaders of the Islamic world, and Vecdi Güney, one of the famous invitations of the Arab world, stand out among the judges.

It was stated that the decision of the court was given just before the fifth anniversary of the raid of Rabia Square.