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Divine Laws


Prophets were special people sent by God to show people the correct way. They are also jurists. According to our knowledge, there were 124 thousand prophets. Among them, there were 313 Rasul. Rasuls told same belief system but each of them brought a new rule, a new legal system, so they brought orders and prohibitions by which people were obliged to be compliance. Islamic sources like  Adem, Nuh, Hud, Ibrahim, Yakup, Musa,İsa and similar prophets showed us how to create an independent local system. When a new Rasul was coming, he replaced the system of last Rasul. God sent Nebi’s for support to previous Rasul’s system. Nebis didn’t bring a new system, so they continued with the last system. For example, Hazrat-i Davud and Hazret-i Süleyman are Nebi, who assisted Hazret-i Musa. They applied Musa’s system. Hazrat-i Muhammed’s system replaced all other Rasul’s systems, but some rules remained.

Source: İslam Hukuku Umumi ve Hususi Hükümler  Yazar:  Proffesor Doctor EKREM BUĞRA EKİNCİ

To be continued…

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