Famous pianist: I’m ashamed to be an Israeli

Famous pianist: I’m ashamed to be an Israeli

26 July 2018 0 By admin

The famous Israeli pianist, orchestra conductor, activist Daniel Barenboim said, “I am embarrassed to myself that I am Israeli today,” stating that the “Jewish nation-state” law adopted and enacted in the Israeli parliament is a racist law.

“The Israeli state has changed its principle of equality to ethnicity and racism in its founding philosophy by issuing a new law 70 years after its founding in 1948. Now we have a life that recognizes the Arab population in the country as second-class citizens, and this” apartheid ” an open type. I am ashamed to be an Israeli today. “

These words belong to the world famous Israeli pianist, orchestra conductor, activist Daniel Barenboim.

Barenboim, founder of the West-East Divan Orchestra, along with Palestinian thinker Edward Said, who is the music director of the world ‘s biggest operas such as La Scala and the Berlin State Opera, criticized the Jewish nation-state design, approved in the Israeli parliament, as a reporter for the Haaretz newspaper.

Independence brought us from ‘Jewish’ to ‘Israeli’

Barenboim began by recalling the words of the parliament in 2004 that the Israeli state’s statement on independence saw Israel’s independence as a source of inspiration for the ideals that brought them from Israel to Judaism.

Barenboim said that the Declaration of Independence had assumed that an Israel based on the concepts of freedom, justice and peace would ensure that all citizens without discrimination of religion, race, and sex would guarantee complete equality of political and social rights.

The right to self-determination by law is only recognized by Jews

Israeli-Argentinean pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim leads ‘Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony’ Orchestra during its first concert at Cairo opera house in Cairo, Egypt, 16 April 2009. The one-time child prodigy pianist and Grammy Award winner, who is on his first visit to Egypt, was largely welcomed by mainstream Egyptian intellectuals and artists because of Barenboim’s outspoken support of Palestinian statehood, criticism of the Israeli government and his contention that there is no military solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Those views even earned him honorary Palestinian citizenship, which he accepted in 2007. A planned concert in Cairo in January was canceled because of concerns over the musicians’ safety during Israel’s military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

The famous musician stated that he had defeated the independence declaration of the new national law, which was ratified in the Israeli Parliament last week and emphasized that the right to self-determination in the country belongs solely to Jews.

Barenboim argued that, without being subjected to religious, ethnicity, and gender discrimination, religious, ethnic, and non-ethnic referrals were replaced by racism and nationalism at the end of 70 years.

Daniel Barenboim, “The new law is regulating only the right to self-determination as a Jewish right. It sends me deep sorrow, can we deny the irrevocable difference between the promises made today in the declaration of independence and Israel’s present realities?” used expressions.

The bill is being criticized for denying the existence of Palestinians

The design of the Jewish nation-state law is criticized in the sense that it will rule the discriminatory policy already stated to exist in practice.

By design, Arabic will become the official language and the only official language of the country will be Hebrew. Among other things, the most reactionary elements of its design include the following: “The right to self-determination belongs solely to Jews, Israel is a Jewish state, Israel is the historical homeland of all Jews in the world, and Jewish law is a reference when there is a vacuum in the law, There is a right to return to Israel, the religious days of the Jews will be counted as official holidays, and Israel’s capital is Jerusalem. ”

The bill says, “Israel is the historic homeland of the Jews all over the world,” and the Palestinians’ historical assets and rights over these lands are ignored.