Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Some of your information is taken, processed and stored by Muharebe.Org as a member of the Muharebe.Org or as a condition of using only the services of the Muharebe.Org as a visitor (non-members, but limited beneficiaries of the services of Muharebe.Org.). Battle.Org protects your privacy in the framework of the rules below.
Some of the information you give to the Battle.Org is mandatory information (such as e-mail, IP information), and some are the information you give or deny to us depending on your preference. The Battlefield.Org may store information and content even if you delete it, provided that this information you provide gives you any content you may have provided.
Battle.Org uses your e-mail address and other contact information to process your account, to communicate with you when necessary, to inform you. The Battlefield.Org may use the information you provide and the content you provide, if any, for your own or others’ advertising, publicity, announcements, announcements. If you participate in the prize contest or sweepstakes organized by, you may share the information of your party with the necessary authorities and use it in explaining the results of the contest or lottery. It is also possible to use the information on an anonymized basis or share it with third parties. Because the membership of the battle.Org cannot be hidden, the information that you are a member will be open to the public.
The does not have the responsibility of the in the event that your data stored by the is an unauthorized entry into the system in which it is stored, the retrieval, alteration, or deletion of information through corruption or alteration of the operation of the system. Each time you visit the site, your IP address, operating system, browser (chrome, explorer etc.), connection time and duration information you use are automatically recorded and your personal information will be shared by Muharebe.Org It is possible to be associated with your information or used anonymously.
In case of the proper request from official authorities, your information will be forwarded to relevant authorities.
During the time you are on the site, it may be possible to place your computer of JavaScript code or similar trace data for the purpose of analyzing cookies or site usage data, also called “cookies”. Cookies are simple text files and do not contain any personal information, such as personal information, but session information and similar data are stored and can be used to identify you again.
Battlefield.Org may, from time to time, include information and links to third-party internet sites on its site, promotional postings, or advertisements. When you click on these links, you are not under control of the sites or other sites you visit, and this privacy policy does not apply to these other sites you can access.
This agreement may be edited and updated without prior notice, as new features are added to the site, or as new suggestions from our users come in. For this reason, we recommend that you review the privacy policy every time you visit the Battleground. This document was last updated on 24/08/2018.