About Us

About Us


Fit our glorious history only 21st century or the previous circuit. There can be nothing more than a betrayal to the holy nationality, which has ignored their lives in various parts of the world. And today, we see these reasons as a “code” to be resolved, and we are on our way to tomorrow, on our way, to take our fate as my “fresh” … We are the young Turkish members of the Azturk Turkish nation … We are honorable and martyr behind the Turkish title, we are going to give you documents about Turkish and Islamic History for you and we will learn this glorious history together with you … A sail to the past we will always be here in order to inquire with you about the past events and to investigate our history for you and to add new information to you through these miserable bodies,

Our beloved and precious readers;

We have opened this page as a nation so that we all can develop and have a wider perspective. We have opened this grateful little history page not only to improve you but also to be able to provide all kinds of contributions to your nationality and nationality by developing ourselves at the same time. We always want to know that we are open to all the constructive criticisms, we intend to develop ourselves and these writings in the frame of these criticisms. We would like to thank all those who have already supported us and wish you a healthy and happy day.