Obesity help

historical obesity people ile ilgili görsel sonucuObesity has been taking a part in our life for 50 years. Obesity causes a lot of problems so some communities or governments want to solve it. A solution, while they think about is placing  a heavy tax on sweets, pastries and sugary drinks In this essay, I would like to about obesity’s the both disadvantages and advantages of this solution.

Placing a heavy tax is a way reduce obesity for two advantages. Firs of all as a result of a heavy tax , people can spend their money on some food, fruit or vegetables which benefit for them. For instance If they don’t buy harmful things, they will raise money for their needs. Another advantage is that people can live more be healthy. Moreover living a healthy life is a good of humanity.

On the other haunt, despite of these advantages, there are some disadvantages too for governments obesity help. The first disadvantage is that sweet, pastries and sugary drinks have some benefits. Although ,they cause obesity, they can help to keep our health research of ministry of health show us that sweets or sugars drinks are useful as other food. So they say that peoplehave to eat sweets or drink sugary drinks, In addition other disadvantage is that If people  are accustomed to these things communities can not be given up them If they try this way people cango other ways such as smoke.

To summarize of obesity help , this solution has some disadvantage  and disadvantages. And also, We can not say these are completely true or false  but I thin communities have to find another way the reduce obesity.

Writer : Hamit Akan

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