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Maritime Technology in the Ottoman Empire

Sailing in the Ottoman Empire

Empire era shipyards in Turkey but also their exploration of the marine technology center. All kinds of sea explorations were experienced here.

Germi.MavnaTechnik wanted to understand how big a ship can be built by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror who is very important to progress and has many personal technical discoveries. For this purpose, he built a ship of 3,000 tons. The 3,000 – ton ship, which is not armored and its main material is wood – wood, is a tremendous ship, and in the history of the world such a ship was not built until that day.

It was sunk when Fatih’s shipyard was lowered from the shipyard. Fatih’s marine engineering, the engineer of the largest diameter vessels until this time, has not lived up to other experiments and new discoveries.

But his experience of this experiment is his son II. It was an example to Bayazid, and one after the other. Finally, in 1488, a 2,500-ton head (large ship) in Istanbul was launched from its sleds.
For this purpose, only 2 trillion 64 billion dollars were spent on this day’s money. Until that day in the history of the world, a ship of this magnitude was never made, it could not be imagined to be done. The ship had 2,000 crew and 120 long-range balls. This is ship II. It was given by Bayezid to the captain-ı Derya Messiah Pasha as a pawn vessel.

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