Jerusalem and Mescid-i Aksa which passed their last century with captivity and cruelty, are wanted to clamp by Israel and America. When we add silence of muslims to invade of Israel, which started with the establishment of Israel , the event changes to gangrene. Although, some people or government understand description of America as a normal event, the U.S.A wants to formalize pain of Palestinians. Despite of all these happening, Muslims get up when they warned. After that they sleep again. I hope to that this awakening will take more time than others.
When Donald Trump explained his decision, as a reason of this situation, he said that we bring peace to there. He makes fun of all humanity. These happening make me think about that Jewish play with Trump like how cat plays with mouse. We shouldn’t forget that America is managed by Jews. And of course this decision won’t bring peace to middle east. It will bring more blood and deaths.
On the other hand, Jerusalem is sacred for there religions(Islam,Judaism and Christianity), but it has been happy when Muslims manage it. And also, all of muslims see it as a part their faith.

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