Russia to US warning: We are aware of the plans!

Russia to US warning: We are aware of the plans!

30 July 2018 0 By admin

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that despite the US missile defense systems deployed to different countries, Russia will continue to preserve its independence and sovereignty as needed.

Speaking in a youth education forum in the city of Klyazma, Lavrov said, “Whatever the case may be, the security of our state, our people, and our independence will be preserved in the best way, which is the most important thing that Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeated many times before. I use expressions “.


Lavrov stated that he was absolutely aware of the military plans of the USA and other Western countries against Russia.

The Russian Foreign Minister said that the US forced other countries to give up buying Russian weapons, bearing the potential for unpredictability and crisis.

Lavrov said “the world’s emerging economies, they encounter obstacles that someone develops the rising influence centers, they do not want to make peace with the idea that left under suspicion of their own development path. They do not want a print and an ultimatum that the issues they will do business with who. In this case, Turkey, Indonesia and takes place in the delivery of Russian weapons to India. Washington clearly wants to be abandoned from the agreements in this area “.

Lavrov also emphasized that diplomacy and dialogue have taken the place of ultimatums and reproductive cultures as a potential source of crisis and unpredictability.

Lavrov “The increasing influence of the member countries of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and the South Africa Republic) or SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), the decline of Western influence in the world, and will lead to disagreements. “He added that in international politics, it is inevitable that the old power centers would oppose the creation of a multi-polar world.

Lavrov said, “It is inevitable that these new tendencies are opposed by the old forces, just as a multi-polar, democratic, fair world order is inevitable.”

Indicating that the new world system process began with the emergence of new economic centers such as China and India, Lavrov noted that it is also important for Russia to abstain from its roots, civilization identity.

Lavrov noted that the United Nations (UN) is of special importance in the formation of a new world order.


Lavrov also said that the United States prevented the UN from developing responsible codes of conduct in the cyber world.

Lavrov “We propose to develop responsible codes of conduct in the cyber world for a long time, there are no certain rules in this area, and the country that opposes this is not surprising, because the US has used expressions in a general sense of dominance in internet management.