Saudi Arabia gave land to Israel

Saudi Arabia gave land to Israel

27 July 2018 0 By admin

The Riyadh administration allocated 16 thousand square kilometers of land to Israel in Tebuk, which is in the city of Neom, which was soon to be established. The settlements in the area where Prince Muhammad’s ‘private property’ is built are being evacuated. The deep valleys in the region are claimed to be used as ‘chemical weapons stores’.

The Saudi Arabian administration announced the privatization of Mohammed bin Selman, a 16,000 square kilometer area near the Neom Project site, which he recently announced. In the area covered by the ‘prohibited area’, there are settlements like Şarma, Suğra, Muveylih, Duba, and Emlec. Ahbar al-Saudi News Agency announced that the Selman administration has decided to evacuate the remaining cities within the forbidden area.

It is claimed that the forbidden area, which is called Tebuk region, was chosen as the execution place for military activities to be carried out jointly with Israel in the coming period. The Tel Aviv and Riyadh administrations have separately stated that in the course of the past days they have decided to pursue joint intelligence operations and that this will be supported by new cooperative steps to be taken on the military scene.



The Sanafir and Tirana islands, which were taken over by Egypt to Saudi Arabia, are located on the border of the forbidden area declared by the Saudi administration. Israel is bordered by the Gulf of Aqaba, Eilat is among the settlements adjacent to the forbidden zone. The Eilat province, where Israel’s largest naval base is located, is at the crossroads of the Neom project, which is planned to be the ‘second Israel’. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the geography, which is described as a forbidden region, has rich oil and gold deposits.


Investigator Mehmet Emin Akın claimed that the prohibited area declared in the Tabuk province had extraordinary opportunities due to its geographical location and that Israel was prepared to use the steep valleys in this area as a chemical weapons store. Stating that Muhammad Bin Selman had entered into the US-Israeli protest with fear of Iran, Akin said that the region would be allocated for the land and air exercises of Israel at the same time. Noting that the region has rich oil and gold deposits, he noted that Akin, Egypt, Jordan and the BAE are among the other partners of this project, and Tirana and Sanafir are transferred to the Saud administration under the same plan.