Solution of The Overcrowding

Solution of The Overcrowding

11 July 2018 0 By admin

Over the last decade, the population of metropolises has dramatically increased, which has become an important issue for countries. A lot of people are concerned that they can not live in metropolises. There are some consequences of overcrowded including the crime rate, people’s happiness and lack of facilities such as hospital schools and another kind of human requirements The Governments should take strict steps for the overcrowding issue, for instance sending people to the countryside and establishing some rules, which will be explained next body paragraph, for the population.

The first solution of overcrowded is that governments should encourage citizens to move to the countryside, so people can live there and the population in cities might decrease. Governments should establish some factories and support industrialization for workers in the countryside. In fact, most people live in big cities because there are a lot of work opportunities in there, and if people find new opportunities in the countryside they will probably migrate to the countryside. However, this solution can create new big cities in the countryside.

The second solution of overcrowded is that government should set up new rules which avoiding of movement to the countryside. Also, they might put some limits on people and should not give permission for the move to metropolises. This solution will definitely work because overcrowded is prevented by the government in this solution. People cannot go to metropolises for the living and this leads to people living in another part of countries. However, some people can revolt against this rule and create anarchy.

Overall, overcrowded has a negative impact on the country and citizens. In addition, the government should decide for to solve overcrowding problem including encouraging people for to move countryside and create some rules, which include some punishment for who try to move metropolises, for how much people can live in one city. The result is overcrowded, which is a huge problem, can be solved by the government.