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The personality, character and behavior between the Ottoman sultans distinguish them from others. Abdulhamid attracted attention to everyone who is interested in history.

Abdulhamid, a young man who is happy, cheerful, and laughing in life around his youth; medicine science, mathematics, stars, tafsir, mysticism, poetry, foreign languages, animals, and horticulture.

He was a very good hunter, swordsman, and swimmer. There was a nice collection of old guns.
It often opens to the Black Sea with its small ferry; from time to time go to Yalova, Küçükçekmece Lake, Beykoz’da loungers were hunting. He liked to walk in Kagithane.

Abdulhamid, drawing an outward-looking and vivid image in the Şehzadeği, changed so little after he was in the throne that most of the treatises and sources of history, this great change in his character, depending on the Çırağan Vakası.

What happened to Abdülhamid, who enjoyed traveling, adventure, and life, suddenly; Once in the throne of 33 years of sultanization, he turned into a completely different man who did not go out of Istanbul?

It is said that the effect left on the Crayant Cause is too heavy.

One year after we came out of the throne, this incident, which took place on May 20, 1878, is one of the most interesting subjects of Ottoman history.

During the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid, the old Sultan V. Murat, who was imprisoned with his mother in the Çırağan Palace, was still trying to get some of the circles on the throne.

The public army of 500 people, who wanted to save him from prison, raided Çırağan on May 20th.

The couriers broke into the apartment where V. Murat was located, neutralizing the officers at night.

Neither V. Murat nor his mother knew there would be such a thing. Both were surprised. Already V. Murat’s mental balance was not in place. Even the doctors brought from Europe agreed on mental health.

V. Murat was so scared that he thought he was going to hurt himself, locked himself in the palace’s treasure trove.

Meanwhile, gunshots were heard from Yıldız Saray. Abdulhamid sent troops to the Çırağan Palace and ordered Murad to be touched.

The incident resulted in the murder of Ali Suavi.

This simple coup attempt, which seemed simple, rightly directed Abdulhamid to take strict safety precautions. Those who wanted to take him down from the throne and replace him with his mental brother surprised Abdulhamid. Shortly after this reign, there was a second Urdu tradition. In July 1878, Murad wanted to be kidnapped from Çırağan for the second time but could not succeed again. The group that took this initiative also acted to kill Abdulhamid.

After this, Abdulhamid continually lived in fear of being castrated, deported and killed. He took his elbows from almost everything, lonely.

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