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The battleships were around! Great threat

The Freedom Flot, which departed from Norway and Sweden on 15 May for the purpose of drilling the embargo on Gaza, was reportedly stopped by the Israeli army.

According to reports in the Israeli press, the naval forces of the Israeli army stopped the Freedom Fleet’s vessel, which continued to advance towards Gaza.

In the statement made on the official page of the Freedom Fleet, it was stated that the Israeli forces were passing the Gaza Port about 49 miles away.

In the statement, it was stated that the Israeli soldiers were in danger of warning that they would not hesitate to use force if necessary.

It is noted that a group of warships watch near the fleet and may face Israeli soldiers’ intervention at any time.

There are 22 people from 16 countries, including journalists and human rights defenders, who carry medical supplies to Gaza and hang Norwegian flag.

No statement has been made from the Israeli government about the incident yet.

Fleet activists who traveled from Norway and Sweden on 15 May to pierce the embargo that Israel has been applying to Gaza since 2006 told the world about the Gaza blockade in the ports they visited.

The Gaza Freedom Fleet aims to raise awareness, awareness and public opinion about the Gaza issue.

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