The Great crisis in Israel! The army is disintegrating …

The Great crisis in Israel! The army is disintegrating …

31 July 2018 0 By admin

The Durzians, who are among the rare minorities in Israel who are known to serve the state with full loyalty and who serve in the army, have begun to resign from the army to protest the ‘Jewish nation-state law’.

According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Israeli Druze captain Amir Jmall has announced his resignation by publishing an open letter addressing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, stating that he will no longer serve the Israeli army for protesting the “Jewish nation-state law”.


“I got up this morning, I was going to go to the campus, what I would serve for the state of Israel: my father, my two brothers and I, serving our duty, the consciousness of duty and love of motherland, what we finally achieved was second-class citizenship. , I do not want to serve the country anymore after this decision of you and your government, and I am sure that hundreds of others will be left to serve and will be evacuated from the army. “Jmall called the elders of his people” to work for the end of the Druzes fulfilling compulsory military service ” then this message was deleted.

Another Druze officer, Shady Zaidan, told Facebook account, “I have stood proudly in front of the flag of the state and salute him. rejected “found in share.

Zaidan said, “I am a citizen like everyone and I gave everything to the state, but finally I found myself a second-class citizen. I did not prepare myself to be a part of it, I agree with the fight, I am stopping to serve this country.”

Israeli Chief of General Staff Gadi Eisenkot argued that the soldiers should keep the controversial political issues separate from the army.

“We are obliged to protect the honor of the people, our duty as the army, to protect the people, to win in the war, regardless of ethnicity, religion, and gender, and this will always be the case.” The common responsibility and fraternity of the warriors, together with our brothers from Druze, Bedouin and other minorities, he will continue to lead us in our path. ” she said.