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Very hard answer against to USA from Turkey

US President Donald Trump repeatedly about the threat from Turkey for an American priest Brunson received under house arrest came scathing. Minister of Foreign Affairs Çavuşoğlu, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Hami Aksoy, Abraham Kalin and Deputy President Fuat Oktay made statements.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, President of the United States if Donald Trump’s Pastor Brunson be left free to threats in the form of sanctions to be applied by Turkey responded sharply.

Cavusoglu, ” Turkey cannot dictate to anyone, we will not tolerate threats. No one can tolerate the threating. The rules of law apply to all without exception. Turkey does not give orders to anyone and can not threat. We invite the US administration to return to the framework of constructive dialogue by leaving this false (threatening) discourse on one side. ”


Foreign Ministry Spokesman Al Hami, President, and Vice-President of the Trump questions about Renders sanctions against Turkey’s threats, she replied:

” Turkey is a sovereign state with a long democratic tradition and political order based on the rule of law. Turkey does not give orders to anyone and can not threat. Menacing against Turkey unacceptable use of language.

Our country has demonstrated the political will that has been needed to correct its relations with the US and has done more with it. It is not possible for us to accept the threatening messages of the US administration that disregard the alliance and friendly relations between our countries.

I have made clear statements about the Brunson case in various ways by my American counterparts and it is clearly emphasized that the subject is under the jurisdiction of the independent Turkish judiciary. We invite the US administration to return to the framework of the constructive dialogue that we have been continuing to this day, leaving this false discourse to one side.


Fuat Oktay, vice-president for the subject, said, “We do not have a forecast of cheap threats, the US should respect the decisions of the Turkish judiciary.”


Abraham Kalin also came from an explanation. In a written statement made by Presidential Spokesman Ambassador Ibrahim Kalin, it is not possible for the statements of the United States government to accept the threatening language used for a NATO ally country. The United States government to take any steps so far in Feton, under the pretext of an issue under the jurisdiction of the independent Turkish judiciary, threats against Turkey should be aware of not getting brandished a result. “The United States should return to a constructive tide as soon as possible, without further harm to its interests and our allied relationship,” he said.


US President Trump, via Twitter account, ” the United States, a great Christian, family man and a wonderful man who will apply sanctions to Turkey due to large Pastor Andrew Brunson long-term retention. This innocent man of faith must be released immediately! “

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