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Very important expressions from the Turkish Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalın!

The line headings from the bold explanations are as follows;

Today, the work carried out at the cabinet meeting was discussed in detail. And the details of our 100-day performance schedule, which our president will explain on Friday, were discussed.

This Friday, our president will share his 100-day performance schedule. Details of the 400 projects within the framework of this 100-day action program were discussed at the cabinet meeting.

When we look at a more general framework, the primary goal in the 100-day program is to complete the key elements of the transition to the new preside

Be ready by the end of the November

In addition to senior assignments, it is also our priority to pass on the ongoing projects. The strategic plan for the 2019-2023 period will also be prepared by the end of November.

Of course, our primary goal here is that all ministries in the framework of the 2023 targets are carrying out a performance to reach these targets by working at full capacity. Mr. President, our president also underlined this point.

Another important issue, of course, is the fight against terrorism against internal and external threats. As discussed in the NSC yesterday, our fight against security threats will continue at its most intense. I can express it with pleasure, because of the co-ordination caught between our security units, the terrorist has a blow on the coup.

Developments in Syria continue

Another important issue, as you know, is the conclusion of the ongoing war in Syria through a political solution. A number of political initiatives are still going on. An important foot for these was the Sochi meetings. Turkey was discussed at a meeting in Sochi with the participation of Iran and Russia. The primary purpose of this meeting was to establish a new constitutional commission. We will continue to contribute effectively to the process.

Against terrorist threats originating from Syria, neither PYD YPG nor DEAŞ will continue to struggle resolutely.


As you know, another important issue is the tension between us and the US in recent days. full descriptions of the places threatened by American authorities regarding the ongoing judicial process here … sorry, no threat to Turkey and Intimidating never and will never yield premium. It is not possible to accept threat statements. In particular, citing ongoing legal issues in the United States and Turkey as an excuse, using threatening language towards Turkey will can not accept. Turkey has made himself falling for continuing this strategic partnership. When stepping into consideration that no engagement in the fight against the PYD and Feto with the American authorities that Turkey’s stance is how the right will arise spontaneously. We will continue our rational position.

‘F-35’ REST!

Let me tell you, by making the threat of sanctions will not help anyone’s language installed in Turkey. Those who bring the fountain to the point of not returning the F35s should also know that this is an international project. There are 10-12 countries here. Turkey is one of the countries also became a partner. We made a $ 900 million payment. Training of Turkish pilots is continuing. take steps to prevent it has turned into law would apply to Turkey, has arbitration.

The rationale of the ongoing judicial matters in Turkey. We can enter into similar attitudes by citing the judicial processes carried out. But we do not supply it. How do thinkers of this sanction

Turkey is not a country to be sacrificed easily. Turkey is not an alternative, let me say this clearly in the open. Everyone has to respect the ongoing judicial process with Father Brunson.


It is not a matter of giving instructions to the Turkish judiciary. When disposing of such a step in Turkey’s plans are ready. On the other hand, I must state that the diplomatic process is continuing. Our expectation is that our supply is solved through diplomatic channels.

There may be negotiations in the period of time that are in need. There is no scheduled meeting tomorrow. This can be considered in the light of developments. Mr. Foreign Affairs Minister’s meeting with Pompeo. it will be an interview within the week. We recommend it to the American authorities to poison it and avoid the steps that will prevent it.


The Münbic plan continues to be implemented as planned. My life is being passed on step by step. It is our expectation that this tension will not adversely affect the Münbic action plan. But I also underline that. Münbic’s plan does not express the whole process. Our anticipation is that the US will end its engagement with PYG YPG.

If the DEAŞ threat was out of the question. At that time, there is no need for the US to continue its cooperation with YPG PYD.


QUESTION: Yesterday was reflected the NSC. The remarkable ” concrete steps will begin to be taken ” statement. Is the issue of adding innovations to operations? The President had drawn attention to Tel Rifat.

They discussed these issues with Putin, who was counted in the South African debate. As you know, we have done Euphrates shield and Olive Branch operations. From there, they’ve also turned disposal measures in Turkey. There is also a process in Idlib. We have established 12 military observation points. It is an application we have coordinated with Russians and Iranians. There, we continued our negotiations to avoid regime-induced attacks and took the consequences as well. We can not accept that those who live in HAMA at DERA now live in İdlib. Our test is at zero. From there, a wave of immigration puts everything in trouble.

The matter of Tel Rifat is a matter between. He continues with the Russians and the Persians for his dissolution. There is this process carried out by Americans around Menbic.

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