Who is Metehan?

Who is Metehan?

15 October 2017 0 By admin

     Metehan is Father of Turks. Ottoman’s historian says He is Oguz Kagan. China’s historian says Metehan. Metehan was born in 234 BC. We don’t know his place of birth. He sat throne in 209 TO 174 BC. He died in 174 BC. King Metehan’s father is the founder of the Asian Hun Empire Teoman. Teoman thinks Meehan’s stepbrother should sit throne. But Metehan and other people think Metehan should sit throne. Metehan sat throne because a lot of people supported him. But Yuezhi’s kidnapped him. Teoman thinks methane escaped with Yuezhi. Teoman started a war against Metehan. Teoman did not see him because Metehan escaped. Metehan established the army. There were a thousand in the army. Metehan started a war against Teoman. Metehan won. Metehan killed his stepmother, stepmother, and father. He was king in 209 BC.

Arrow Stories

Arrow and arc very important in Turk’s life. Metehan invented Çavuş Arrow. Metehan returned his arrow to his return. The most soldier returned arrows with methane but some soldiers didn’t. Metehan killed who don’t return. Again one-day Metehan returned his arrow to his father. All soldiers returned himself arrow. And Teoman died.

Metehan established the first regular army is Turk’s. He brought ten’s system in the army. He gathered Turks. Metehan first passed the great wall of China. Metehan wons Chinese, Donoghue, Tungus, and Yuiçs.

  Oguz Kagan Epic wrote: One dag Ay Kagan’s eyes shone. A boy gave birth to a child. The child has a blue face, fire red mouth, hazel eyes, eyebrow, and hair black. He is more beautiful than a fairy. The only one drank Mother milk. He won’t food and talked. He ran and rode a horse he was born after 40 days. His food looks wolf food. His back looks wolf back. He has a lot of clay.